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A cancer diagnosis turns a person’s world upside down emotionally, financially and physically. Or you can download Cancer.Net’s free mobile appfor a list of questions and other interactive tools to man… Make sure that any test results and biopsy samples are included. “Should there be any imaging tests performed?” Can I have a written estimate? I recommend the following questions for newly diagnosed cancer patients. When cancer is diagnosed you enter into a partnership with your doctor and other health care professionals. Asking questions about your disease can help you feel empowered, and can help you weather your treatment with fewer side-effects. Since I’ve been diagnosed, I’ve been overwhelmed. Even a preliminary view … Have some days of the week where you don’t drink at all. 1. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Ask for an appointment with an oncologist at a different medical institution from the one you’re currently with, as you’ll be cared for by different attendants and pathologists. How was the diagnosis established? How can I better cope with my diagnosis? Appointments are usually confirmed within 72 hours, so you don’t have to wait to set your mind at ease. 1. Are there any limits on what I can do? The most common types of treatments are surgery, radiation and systemic therapy (like chemotherapy or targeted medication). It can be reassuring to see another doctor to confirm you were properly diagnosed and that your treatment plan makes sense. Diagnosed with Lung Cancer – Questions to Ask your Doctor. What symptoms or side effects should I tell you about right away? Take, for example, the most common feline brain tumor, meningioma, which has a very characteristic appearance on an MRI. What is the extent of spread (stage) of the cancer? Quitting smoking, and avoiding secondhand smoke. You can also ask for a referral letter from your doctor. Your health care team should make time to explain the treatment options and answer your questions. You don't know what questions to ask when you walk into a doctor's office. Dr. Matasar says that it’s important that your doctor clearly explain the kind of cancer … Any cancer which has confirmed perineural invasion will require treatment as opposed to observation. How will we know if the treatment is working? Every patient with cancer, in cooperation with family members, needs to ask the treating doctor some important key questions. A patient navigator can provide essential support throughout your journey. This information is important to have on hand as well, as you might need to undergo further testing before you begin treatment. Related Resources. How much or how little information you want is up to you. Questions that You May Want to Ask Your Health Care Team. Are these studies important for me or others. What’s the goal? 3. Yet, you are forced to face the reality soon - there are doctors to visit, treatments to choose from and so many other things to do. If you’d like a second opinion on your diagnosis, or want to speak to a patient navigator, click here to read more about our virtual oncology options. This sudden news can leave you feeling paralyzed — like you don’t know where to turn or what to do next. requesting a longer appointment if you have a number of issues to discuss, taking a friend or relative for support, or writing down answers to your questions if possible, asking your doctor to explain again, if you don't understand the answers, asking your doctor to give you a written summary of your treatment plan, asking for an interpreter if you have difficulty communicating in English (contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50). 6. 2. Discover how Maple is helping Canadians every day. Avoiding alcohol, or drinking in moderation. How can I reach you on nights, holidays, or weekends? Are there programs that can provide financial assistance? Your doctor may have diagnosed you via biopsy, tumor removal, physical exam or imaging tests. Cancer Council is registered with the Australian Taxation Office as an Income tax Exempt Charity. You might feel rushed and forget to ask questions that are important. The “stage” of your cancer refers to how advanced it is at the time of diagnosis. Talking frankly and openly with your doctor and the rest of your cancer care team is also important. 5. The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights | Second Edition, Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, National Secondary Students' Diet and Activity (NaSSDA) survey, Explore Resources for health professionals, be specifically informed about the details of your care. Where is the cancer in my body? Consult with your doctor to discuss which risk factors you can eliminate from your life, and create a safe plan to do so. Try searching through these sites to find out about trials throughout North America: You can also reach out to a patient navigator to help you search for trials that apply to you. Every cancer diagnosis is unique, but cancers themselves can be divided into a few categories: There are over 100 different diseases that can be classified as cancer, and they affect all parts of the body. What Questions to Ask Your Doctor When Diagnosed with Breast Cancer . Feline cancers are just as difficult and confusing as the human sort. It's important to know that each patient's situation is different. Being diagnosed with cancer or any major illness is overwhelming and confusing. Mentioned below are 12 questions you can ask an oncologist online. If they’re unable, you can contact a medical society and ask for a recommendation. Like most diseases, cancer is more easily treated if caught early. Any person who has been recently diagnosed with cancer can learn more about their disease by asking their doctors five important questions. Choose the questions that fit your, or your child’s, situation and add questions of your own. Eating a healthy, balanced diet. Going to the doctor can be intimidating. To help you get the best care you have the right to: It is important to ask questions, especially if you are unsure or unclear and feel you need more information. Questions to ask include: We're here to support all Australians affected by cancer. What treatments are available to relieve my symptoms? Is there anything I can do to help manage side effects? From there you can research the best ways to take care of yourself, what treatments are recommended, and what clinical trials you might be eligible for. Can I exercise during … They can also help you attain financial and legal support if required. What difference will this treatment make to my quality of life, e.g. By Lisa Esposito, Staff Writer Oct. 23, 2019. 1. Some lifestyle habits are risk factors for developing or accelerating cancer. Following a cancer diagnosis of cancer, you and your family are likely to have many questions. Are there any clinical trials suitable for me? Progress funded and accelerated by the Prostate Cancer Foundation means patients can expect to live longer, more productive lives. 2 Questions to Ask When You Have Cancer When you’re diagnosed Diagnosis is the process of finding the cause of a health problem. If you think you have breast cancer, it us always good to ask an oncologist regarding the same so that there are no confusions and proper treatment is obtained at the right time. Reviewed: August 9, 2018; If you would like to reproduce some or all of this content, see Reuse of NCI Information for guidance about copyright and permissions. You might want a second opinion if you were diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, if you want greater clarity into your diagnosis, or if you’d like to look into a greater range of treatments. Richard Burkhart, M.D., a surgical oncologist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, answers frequently asked questions about liver cancer: Any cancer questions you have are legitimate and valid; don’t be anxious about asking. Nearly 80 percent of patients diagnosed with bladder cancer will survive beyond five years. This can lower your stress level and help you make the most of your visit. When cancer is diagnosed you enter into a partnership with your doctor and other health care professionals. Questions that You May Want to Ask Your Health Care Team. Taking Time: Support for People With Cancer . Are they temporary or permanent? If you’re interested in these trials, ask your doctor if there are any taking place at their hospital, and if you’d be eligible to participate. Eliminating these risk factors can slow the progression of your disease, and help you feel a lot better throughout your treatment. Ask Questions. Where your cancer is located, how far it’s spread, and whether any other areas of the body are affected are all important details. I would like some time to make a decision. Will the results of this test make any difference to the decision on what type of treatment I have? Talking often with your health care team is important to make informed decisions about your health care. Not all of these questions may apply to you, but asking the ones that do may be helpful. Which do you recommend for me and why? There are lots of emotional and logistical struggles that come up when undergoing cancer treatment. Do you participate in my private health insurer’s gap cover scheme and will you treat me under this arrangement? Will that make any difference? Your doctor shouldn’t have a problem with you seeking a second opinion. You can ask questions about anything you do not understand. Your doctor may suggest one or a combination of these treatments. Can this be itemised? Low-impact exercise can help with this, but don’t push yourself and consult with your doctor on a safe workout regimen. Liver cancer in the United States has tripled since 1980 and is becoming one of the most common types of cancer nationally. 7. Can I be treated/see you as a public patient? You can get a second opinion online as well if time and distance are obstacles. When veterinary neurosurgeons see one, they remove the tumor based on its MRI appearance, without first doing a brain biopsy. Very few of us expect to receive a cancer diagnosis. A patient navigator is someone who is trained to help cancer patients as they negotiate their treatment. We offer oncologist appointments over computer, tablet or smartphone. I recommend that every newly diagnosed person ask their oncologist or treating physician these all-important questions: 1. Since I’ve been diagnosed, I’ve been overwhelmed. “Cancer” is one of the saddest, scariest words in the English language. Are there any other diagnostic tests that could provide useful information? Are there any suitable clinical trials available? You can see a Canadian physician from the comfort of your own home, on a schedule that works for you. Your cancer specialist or clinical nurse specialist will answer any questions you have. Your doctor shouldn’t have a problem with you seeking a second opinion. 7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor If You’re Diagnosed With Metastatic Breast Cancer Stage IV breast cancer isn’t curable—but it is treatable. Once treatment begins, you’ll need to know what to expect and what to look for. Some steps you can take to lower your risk factors are: Getting rid of these risk factors will boost your health and help you gain strength before your treatments begin. Do I need to change what I eat during treatment? Who are the members of my treatment team? Would a clinical trial be right for me? For some, asking the right questions helps them take an active role battling the disease. Medical Author: Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD Medical Editor: William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR. This may help you think of other questions you want to ask. It can be indolent and non-aggressive, or life-threatening, and everything in between. If the costs change, when will you let me know? Finding Health Care Services. Because of this complexity, hospitals and research labs conduct thousands of clinical trials each year aimed at advancing therapies for specific types of cancers. Will I have out-of-pocket costs? If so, how can I get an estimate of their fees and find out more information about this? Who can I speak to about my financial situation? What’s the best we can hope for by trying another treatment? No matter which type of cancer patient you are, asking your health care team the right questions about your disease and cancer treatment can play an important part in managing your care. What are the possible side effects of treatment? 6. Bring your questions and a notebook so you are able to jot down notes. Encourage your family to do the same. A navigator may accompany you to your treatments, suggest questions to ask your doctor, assist you with scheduling appointments, and help you understand symptoms and side-effects you might be experiencing. 10 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor If You've Just Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer How reliable are digital rectal exams and prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests? Since cancer treatment can take a toll on your body, it’s helpful to be fit and healthy before the process begins. Is this treatment plan meant to help side effects, slow the growth of my cancer, or both? What (cell) type of bladder cancer is present? Since no two diagnoses are alike, your doctor will determine what course of treatment makes most sense given your personal health factors. How will I be billed? Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Cancer Diagnosis. 10 questions to ask when diagnosed with prostate cancer Prostate cancer often presents unique challenges to patients and physicians alike. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Knowing your stage can help your doctor set expectations for your treatment roadmap. Keeping a healthy weight. 4. Ask your doctor to refer you to a colleague who isn’t closely connected with them. Most of all, a navigator is a knowledgeable and empathetic shoulder to lean on during this tough time. A cancer diagnosis is a very emotional, confusing time. 16 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist at Your First Cancer Appointment Being well-informed will help you feel more in control moving forward. Will the treatment affect my fertility/ability to have children? Who else or what other services may be involved in my care? The gold standard for diagnosing cancer is a biopsy, but not all cancers can or should be biopsied. When confronting bladder cancer, these are the ten questions that are essential to ask your urologist: 1. Patients who take an active role in their health are shown to have fewer side-effects and better outcomes overall. What would I have to do as part of the clinical trial? Remember that you can continue to ask your healthcare team questions during your treatment. In most cases, cancer is confirmed by having some type of biopsy. To get the most out of your visit you might consider: During the course of your treatment you may be asked if you would like to take part in a clinical trial. Questions to Ask Your Doctor When You Have Cancer. What are the benefits and risks to me in having this test? It can be hard to know what questions to ask your doctor after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. 1. However, this checklist of questions, along with follow-up questions and insights from Dr. Matasar, is intended for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. These clinical trial therapies are sometimes more effective than the regular standard of care a hospital might provide. What is the name of my cancer or condition? Following a cancer diagnosis of cancer, you and your family are likely to have many questions. A cancer diagnosis turns a person’s world upside down emotionally, financially and physically. The stage of your cancer influences your treatment plans and your chances of recovery. But if you’d prefer to be more informed, here’s a list of starter questions that will give you a well-rounded view of your case. 14 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor About Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis. ON THIS PAGE: You will find some questions to ask your doctor or other members of the health care team to help you better understand your diagnosis, treatment plan, and overall care. can I work, have sex? Ask … When Breast Cancer Is Diagnosed. Here are some tips to help you communicate better with the members of that team: 1. You might want a second opinion if you were diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, if you want greater clarity into your diagnosis, or if you’d like to look into a greater range of treatments. There’s a lot of steps you can take to put power back in your own hands, and optimize your health even as you’re going through treatment. Being educated about your type of cancer and options for treatment is very important. Knowing exactly what type of cancer you have is the first step in becoming an informed patient. When will I have to pay? You may want to print the list of questions below to bring to your next appointment. Being told by the doctor that you have lung cancer is never easy for anyone. Use the menu to see other pages. These suggested questions are a starting point to help you learn … Even just wrapping your head around what your diagnosis means can be difficult since “cancer” is really a collection of different diseases. 4. This may change over time, so keep your doctor informed about your preferences. Worldwide, more than 700,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year. 1. There’s no right or wrong way to navigate your cancer treatment. For others, knowing all the nitty gritty details can feel like it’s adding extra stress. Receiving a cancer diagnosis can make you feel like your head is spinning. How can the cost be reduced? 2. Take notes when you speak to your oncologist (cancer doctor) and other medical specialists as they answer your questions. Is telehealth available for any part of my care? The type of questions you have are likely to change depending on what stage of treatment you are in. Can they be prevented or controlled? 5. Questions to Ask Your Doctor: When You’ve Been Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Men diagnosed with prostate cancer have more reason for hope than ever before. Diagnosing and treating cancer is incredibly complex because each patient brings unique factors to the table. Are there any other treatment options that are as effective but cost less? Who will be responsible for my medical care? Know that your diagnosis is unique, and not all the information you read online will apply to you. We suggest that you bring a list of all your questions to your first visit. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is difficult. You can expand your search as well. If they’re unable, you can contact a medical society and ask for a recommendation. What are my treatment choices? Here’s a quick list of questions to ask your doctor if you or a loved one are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. If so, how much? They should also offer you some written information about the treatment … In fact, the questions are from various phases of the disease. Is the kind of cancer I have treatable? A patient navigator is a great help in this process. Is it possible to cure or control my cancer? 3. What stage is … Is there a chance that a new treatment will be found while we try the old one? Women are advised to consume less than 10 drinks a week, and men should aim for under 15. make an informed choice of treatment from the options available to you. The following are questions that you can ask the healthcare team about diagnosing cancer. Minimize processed foods, especially processed meats. You may find it helpful to take the list to the next appointment and to write down the … It is up to you how involved you want to be in making decisions about your treatment. Ask your doctor to refer you to a colleague who isn’t closely connected with them. Still, if you get the diagnosis that your cat has cancer, you owe it to your cat to keep your head long enough to ask some important questions. They need to be the ones to answer some specific questions you may have, and they want to be able to answer all of your questions. Can I withdraw from the clinical trial at any time? Will there be additional fees? When the cancer cells within the prostate begin to grow around the nerves that are in the prostate, this is called “perineural invasion.” Cancers with perineural invasion have a worse prognosis. 7. What type of cancer do I have? Consider writing your questions down before your appointment. Emphasize whole plant foods that have vitamins, minerals and fiber. 2. By Kim Peiffe r For questions about other topics, see our complete list of Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Cancer. What kind of care will I receive to keep me comfortable if I decide not to have active treatment for my cancer? How much will treatment cost? Ask for a copy of your medical file to be sent along to your second doctor. What help can my family and/or friends get if they care for me at home? Which part or parts of my body are affected? In this case, the diagnosis of cancer is not 100 percent certain until after the tumor has been re… There for you whenever you need care. For more information on your rights watch the video below on the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. How can I better cope with my diagnosis?

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