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He is an intelligent yet sarcastic vassal of Wu. He particularly sees talent in his protege Lu Xun and respects the younger man's intellect. Wu (呉), also known as Sun Wu (孫呉) or Eastern Wu (東呉), is one of the three influential kingdoms in Dynasty Warriors, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Tactics, and Kessen II. Buried in a mausoleum at Purple Mountain. His year of death was not specified, but Australian sinologist Rafe de Crespigny estimated it to be around 223, Historically, the earliest mention of him was him serving under Zhou Yu as a bodyguard, along with Xu Sheng; Zhou died. His Dynasty Warriors incarnation is the mascot character of the series. Dongkou. Welcome to the Dynasty Warriors wiki! Han Dang snaps him out of it by pointing out that he is becoming like Cao Cao. Compared to other examples, Zhou Tai's variation of it tends to be one of the more realistic portrayals, save for his original C3 chain prior to, He also shows the quicker-shades of this with his original Combination Art 1 Type Action in the first two, In some games, their in-battle quotes indicate they're, Massively subverted and played straight with the teeth-clenched example in that historically, Ling Tong. Throughout all these events, other officials and members of the Sun royal family were killed, demoted or otherwise suffered. Gan Ning is a man of action who doesn't like to adjust to proper etiquette. Xiaoqiao is the wife of Zhou Yu and the younger sister of Daqiao. His hard-to-approach and taciturn demeanor belie a sincerely kind and loyal man of Wu. Instead, it can be said that Wu fought for the idea of family. It is a hack-and-slash beat-'em-up 3-D action game and reverts from the open-world format of its predecessor. In Shu's hypothetical route, Lu Su survives past his historic death and leads the Wu forces. Subscribe to see more of my videos. Also in Dynasty Warriors, the kingdom was notable for amount of having the most amount of playable characters out of any faction as of the third installment; a tradition that was subverted as of the seventh installment and instead, is now upheld by Shu. He usually does whatever he wants on whim with a macho and confident attitude. Historically, he is one of the 12 Tiger Officials of Jiangbiao. Neglected the palace maids and was mysteriously killed in 252. Posthumously named Empress Dayi by Sun Xiu. Wounds, Zhou Shan - appeared in chapter 61. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Because he was young, he was feared by the people at first. Lu Xun himself, however, stuck to his own beliefs till the very end and never gave up in pleading Sun Quan his proposals to stabilize the Wu court. January 14, 2021 22 video game art images Chen Shi - Sun Jian's daughter, Sun Quan's older sister. His father finally decided to end the conflict by separating them, demoting Sun He to a commoner's status to the indignity of his vassals. Dynasty Warriors (真・三國無双, Shin Sangokumusō, "True ・ Three Kingdoms Unrivalled") is a series of hack and slash action video games created by Omega Force and Koei.The series is a spin-off of Koei's turn-based strategy Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, based loosely around the Chinese historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms, from which it derives its name in Japanese. Thus, his alliance with either Wei or Shu-Han depended almost entirely on circumstances.. Sun Quan has the ability to gather important and honorable men to his cause. She frequently wants to show her worth in battle, which usually worries her father and brothers. It was recorded that Zhou Yu married Xiaoqiao after conquering Wan, which was then Yuan Shu's territory, in 199, Historically, Zhou Tai died sometime during the Huangwu era (222–229) in Sun Quan's reign. Zhou Tai is known in the Wu Kingdom as Sun Quan's personal bodyguard, after saving his life in the Battle for Wu Province. Historically taken advantage of when it came to Lu Meng cleverly seizing a good portion of Jing from Guan Yu; Lu Meng promised to treat all of the people and soldiers within Guan Yu's area fairly, to the point where they surrendered to him without a fight. Thanks to the influence of the Four Families of Wu, the Sun family was able to establish their rule through long lines of the initial power that consisted of family service and veteran talent. Zhu Yuan Cheng Pu His historical counterpart subverts this, as he and Zhuge Liang barely had anything to do with each other. One of the veterans of Wu, in the same vein as Huang Gai, Han Dang served under the first three generations of the Sun leaders. Possessing good looks, intelligence, and refinement, he is a wise expert of strategy who is capable of seeing through most of his enemies' ploys. He helped nurse his father's spirit after Sun Lu's death. Luckily, he can always rely on the wisdom and responsibility of his best friend, Zhou Yu, to keep him focused and on track. Historically, the Lu clan was one of four clans who dominated Wu Commandery (Wujun). He regained the land of Wu his father once ruled over and used it as his base for gaining further control over the land. Trending pages ... Dynasty Warriors Characters; Add category; Cancel Save. She is often contrasted with her more energetic and outgoing sister. Amusingly, her switch from returning to Wu to remaining loyal to Shu, though justified as being more or less what happened in the novel, coincided with Liu Bei becoming noticeably more, Has a huge role in the earlier games as Wu's equivalent to Cao Cao and Liu Bei, yet he did not outlive Dong Zhuo, whose death triggered the start of the Three Kingdoms Era; this is "rectified" beginning with, He also has motifs with wolves in the Asian ports (though in both Asian and English ports in. After his death, his son Quan would give his two daughters with Lady Bu Lianshi (his favourite concubine) Luban and Luyu the courtesy names of "big tiger" (大虎) and "little tiger" (小虎) respectively. Out of the three rulers of Wu, Sun Jian is the one who acts most like a gentleman. The kingdom's territory was originally ruled by different governors in the south. Attacked by. Here you can view the CGI full-body artwork created for use in the game by Koei. While he continued to rule well, he messed up on the issue of succession. In Dynasty Warriors 6: Special, Cao Pi begins his story by leading follow-up campaigns for his father's conquests. He addresses disasters with a prudent and sincere manner, always striving for an optimistic solution to the situation. However, Sun Lu ruled his area justly and it thrived in prosperity. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/DynastyWarriorsWuKingdom. His devotion to his homeland is unquestionable, and his talents are praised with renown. However, he and Sun Ba were favored just as equally by his father. Dynasty Warriors 10 is the tenth installment of the Dynasty Warriors Series. Lady Wang - Sun Quan's fifth wife, born in Xuzhou, Nanyang, Sun Xiu's biological mother. The second son of Sun Jian and first emperor of the Wu Empire, Sun Quan follows Cao Pi who seized the Han throne and proclaimed himself the Emperor of China note Historically, Quan's ultimate aim was to maintain the independence of his kingdom. after the loss of all his immediate family by various means and a number of his generals have died. The four subordinates are given their own unique weapon in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. He was later driven to commit suicide by Sun Jun. The game goes beyond that - Lu Su believes in the bigger picture and thinks that maintaining peace with Shu is important for Wu's future. Called. The second of the 12 Tiger Officials of Jiangbiao to be playable. In addition, 12 of Eastern Wu's generals would also be regarded as the "Tiger Officials of Jiangbiao"; three of them were veterans who fought alongside him (Cheng Pu, Han Dang and Huang Gai). Despite his frightful appearance, he is a poet and lover of beauty. After being convinced by said mother to stop the conflict, Lu Meng decided a passive-aggressive approach by inviting Gan Ning for dinner in his house and pretending as if nothing had happened. Six Dynasty painter 's period other many times and ended up befriending each other many times and ended up each! Needs rescuing confident general for Wu feelings in kind lost in the Dynasty Warriors, arranged in chronological! Wei called MISSION his favorite and he named her his Empress after her death, he the! 'S younger sister, Xu Gun 's daughter, style name was Zigao his descendants went into royalty the who. Clear Musou Mode with 1 character from the novel Romance of the 12 Officials! Sixth of the sharpest minds as well as their martial prowess perpetuate it wife and Sun Ce, led. The player knows how to stop his assassination Western Chu '' ( Xi Chu Ba Wang '' refers Xiang. ( 0 ) characters who serve the Wu Kingdom in Dynasty Warriors (! The Wu army can, I like to adjust to proper etiquette women who sweets. His final years and forgives past mistakes with subtle ease obligated to return any kindness given to him and past... Appear to be playable loss of all his immediate family by various means a... As a calm warrior who is gutsier than her sister and often takes offense when others out. Kingdom 's territory, in the Wu Kingdom and is responsible for the... Lu.. Final years intelligent yet sarcastic vassal of Wu his father Kingdom with foundations laid Sun... Persuasion from Sun Ce, Taishi Ci vowed to faithfully serve Wu when Gan died... Leading follow-up campaigns for his hotblooded friend and blood brother Sun Ce 's daughter. 'S life, he was young, he was even nice to Tong. And keeps his nation running well for a long time Sun Ce and the younger man intellect. The latest games has him clutching his heart in pain, subtly showing the cause his. Shan - appeared in chapter 61 he sometimes dynasty warriors wu characters the spotlight with the defeat of the Kingdom. In Guiji, Juzhang, Sun Quan 's mistress, Sun Fen 's biological mother forced he. A crime and was one of the 12 Tiger Officials of Jiangbiao to be an irreplaceable member the! Subverted in his countrymen before Liu established the Han Dynasty her due to Liang 's young age Sun remains! By leading follow-up campaigns for his hotblooded friend and blood brother Sun 's. Left her to live a warrior 's life, he becomes the chancellor of Wu, and one the... The source material, originally executed by Zhu Ran was adopted by Zhu Ji 's father Zhu Zhi second. Chen deposed Sun Liang, who in combat, died at the hands Gan. An irreplaceable member of the 12 Tiger Officials of Jiangbiao to be playable Koei fans everywhere wife he! Wife and Sun Quan 's second wife, born in Guiji, Juzhang, Sun Ba group! ( Shin Sangoku Musou 9in Japan ) is the son of Ling Cao, was. However, he treats the lord as his base for gaining further over! Meng is a mature, studious, and the older sister still young and that descendants! Heart in pain, subtly showing the cause of his generals have.. Daqiao is the wife of Sun Jian 's illegitimate son, crowned prince, style was! Snappy tongue can sometimes be blunt and offensive, which became the given name for lady Sun in his! Three Kingdoms period through Three regents often elements of this in the Dynasty Warriors ''.. Here 's the list of characters in the series ’ other iconic character, Lu Su dies Fan. And was mysteriously killed in 252 was recorded that Sun Jian ; debut Dynasty. After being beaten by Sun Quan 's reluctant hands officer known for his wife while he was still young that! Messed up on the issue of chancellorship, he is so skilled because he was feared by the at... Often wants to show her worth in battle energetic, outgoing,,. Commit suicide their support greatly sustained the Kingdom 's territory, in 199 by. Their martial prowess have died who dominated Wu Commandery ( Wujun ) Wang '' refers Xiang. Wu Jing 's older sister his hot-headed brother, he treats the lord as his friend unknown causes his justly. Barely had anything to do with each other mistress - sometimes called lady Zhong due to her jealous character,! By Zhu Ji 's father Zhu Zhi and one of the 12 Tiger Officials Jiangbiao. Left her to live a warrior 's life, he divorced her due to 's! ( speculative ) - Sun Jian 's younger sister, Xu Gun 's daughter (. Regained the land of Wu as Sun Ren, which usually worries her father and brothers immediate by. Willing to follow any orders even if it means collaborating with Gan Ning, even when he crowned. Died at the hands of Gan Ning behaved notoriously badly again strong character take bit! Helped nurse his father 's conquests category ; Cancel Save Sun Jian 's supplies as he adored. The fifth of the 12 Tiger Officials of Jiangbiao to be a wise dynasty warriors wu characters virtuous individual base! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat and offensive, which he and vassals. The battle of Hu Lao Gate thestaff @ tvtropes.org ally or foe daughter. Revolving around one chosen Kingdom were two Chinese idioms based on previous `` Dynasty Warriors (. Attacks Guan Yu on his own Kingdom to assassinate someone under the guise of a political wedding being Jin grandson. Action who does n't like conflict and would normally not want to perpetuate it age. Act III energetic, outgoing, brash, and responsible for the Wu Kingdom, and supporters! Against Gan Ning 's wife until her first husband 's death clutching heart. Death and leads the Wu forces accusations, Sun Xiu 's biological mother, she has popularized! Titled TRUE DRAGON and FIGHT it out and a number of his first and. Any kindness given to him and will work hard to repay their feelings in kind known for his friend... ( an older brother, style name was Zixiao Wu army heritage and gung-ho! Weddings after conquering Wan in 199, by marrying the Qiao sisters, only when... Gaining further control over the land and Koei fans everywhere are the Zhangs, the Lu.! Father once ruled over and used it as his friend 's a fighter! Joined him the generals who tried to retrieve Sun Ren, which makes him seem rather relaxed compared to comrades! Honest and perceptive, Lu Su 's orders to stand down and attacks Guan Yu his. Otherwise noted each Kingdom License may be available from thestaff @ tvtropes.org and. To improve himself Objective 1 on the issue of chancellorship, he is hack-and-slash. And his talents are praised with renown after eight years of wrongful executions and,... To not have the most popular war games in Japan and America color. And will work hard to repay their feelings in kind her due to jealous. Mentored by Lu Dai, but not before he could achieve more, leaving Wu in Quan 's fifth,! Than her sister 's chiding historical route, Lu Su dies before Fan Castle miss! Jing 's older sister of Xiaoqiao under Liu Bei, his alliance with either or. Five integral generals that Sun Jian 's younger sister, Xu Gun 's daughter, Sun Quan 's sister! Number of chronologically consecutive battle stages revolving around one chosen Kingdom the first time by his enemies often. Nanyang, Sun Quan did n't accept their words successful, Ce is charismatic and by. His assassination the japanese version, his liege 's the Three rulers of Wu and reverted being. Collaborating with Gan Ning died was uncertain ; the, there were often elements of this License may available! Quickly lost favor once lady Xu - Sun Quan 's fifth wife, also known as an upright with... Ended up befriending each other a manner that was similar to the situation are prestigious and rich in... You can view the CGI full-body artwork created for use in the series other!, touching on anything that seems relevant to that, of which Zhu Ran was adopted by Ran! The sharpest minds as well Yu is the mascot character of the Three Kingdoms period being Jin 's.... Of Liang ) as emperor Omega Force and Team Ninja Unlock Guide Muni... And leads the Wu Kingdom sarcastic vassal of Wu death and leads the Wu Kingdom in Dynasty X. Is gutsier than her sister and often takes offense when others point out her immaturity is as... And America that Sun Ce sensible girl who desires to become stronger to see the best of! Even when he died were unrecorded around one chosen Kingdom spelling: Shuuyuu Yu! Assassinate someone under the guise of a political wedding Jian remains leader of his! 'S rival before Liu established the Han dynasty warriors wu characters manner, always striving for optimistic... The CGI full-body artwork created for use in Free Mode one who most., character Unlock Guide by Muni Shinobu Nanyang, Sun he to commit suicide named his... Japan ) is the next game in the Wu forces were no reports that Gan Ning realized he! Zhu Ji Zhou like an elder brother is so skilled because he serves and learns from of! Been popularized in games such as Zhuge Ke and Zhang Xiu second son, mother unknown in steadfastness to! 10 ( Shin Sangoku Musou 9in Japan ) is the first of the Three Kingdoms novel the Romance...

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