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[54] His time in office ended upon the outbreak of the Russo-Turkish War. [151] The poet's associate Th. [17] He was attending the Carol I High School in Craiova and, according to his official record, graduated in 1867. [173] Around that time, Macedonski also collaborated with the Iași-based moderate Symbolist magazine Versuri și Proză. [334], Late in his life, Macedonski had come to reject Symbolist tenets, defining them as "imbecilities" designed for "the uncultured". [393] In neighboring Moldova, Macedonski influenced the Neosymbolism of Aureliu Busuioc. [28] The landscape there inspired him to write an ode. At that stage, he was especially inspired by Lord Byron, whom Vianu calls "the sovereign poet of [Macedonski's] youth. 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The first such figure was Junimea's Titu Maiorescu, who believed him to be a minor author, referring to him only a couple of times in his books and usually ridiculing him in his articles. is seen by Vianu as comparable in subject matter and depth to Enrico IV, a celebrated 1922 play by Luigi Pirandello. See also Suciu, p.104, Anghelescu, p.12; Călinescu, p.523; Vianu, Vol.II, p.377-378. [188] It was also in 1914 that Macedonski commissioned for print his very first rondels and completed work on a tragedy play about Renaissance poet Dante Aligheri—known as La Mort de Dante in its French original, and Moartea lui Dante in the secondary Romanian version (both meaning "Dante's Death"). [265] His Ocnele ("The Salt Mines") includes the verdict: Vai! From the sublime to the trivial, that is what it should be. This form of experimental poem was influenced by the theories of René Ghil[297] and verified through his encounter with Remy de Gourmont's views. This, the critic notes, was owed to his "social temperament", whose "fundamental experience is that of the social. I'm like any man [140] Traian Demetrescu, who recorded his visits with Macedonski, recalled his former mentor being opposed to his positivist take on science, claiming to explain the workings of the Universe in "a different way", through "imagination", but also taking an interest in Camille Flammarion's astronomy studies. [206] Literatorul was revived for a final time in 1919. [320] Like other synesthetic aspects of his novel, this is believed to have been inspired by the techniques of Baudelaire[321] and Arthur Rimbaud. At the time, Russian volunteers were amassed on the Budjak border, requesting from the Romanian authorities the right of free passage into the Principality of Serbia. [3][181] The apparent secrecy and the initiation rites performed on new members were purportedly inspired by Rosicrucianism and the Freemasonry. Basarabescu, Ion Baiesu, Israil Bercovici, Ion Luca Caragiale, George Calinescu, Ion Calugaru, Alexandru Cioranescu, Gheorghe Ciprian, Lucia Demetrius, Victor Eftimiu, Benjamine Fondane, Radu Gyr, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, Eugen Ionescu, Ion Luca, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content. Translated and annotated by Valentin Petcu. Cernat, p.17. [397] Tudor Gheorghe, a singer-songwriter inspired by American folk revival, also used some of Macedonski's texts as lyrics to his melodies. Casa e de porțelan.[236]. [328] The spectator is led to believe that the latter interpretation is the correct one. 10 ("The House at Number 10"). [139] His rejection of the Orthodox establishment was documented by his political tract, published that year as Falimentul clerului ortodox. These targeted Vasile Alecsandri and especially Eminescu, their context and tone becoming the cause of a major rift between Macedonski and his public. Dimitrie Macedonski (n.1780 sau 1782 - d. 10 ianuarie 1843, București) a fost bunicul pe linie paternă al poetului Alexandru Macedonski, căpitan pandur din Țara Românească și lider revoluționar.. Biografie. [12] While the writer perpetuated his father's claim, it is possible that he also took pride in investigating his Balkan roots: according to literary historian Tudor Vianu, who, as a youth, was a member of his circle, this tendency is attested by two of Macedonski's poems from the 1880s, where the South Slavs appear as icons of freedom. Alexandru Macedonski tends to be quite adaptable, and he finds it easy to fit into most social set ups and vocational fields. View the profiles of people named Alexandru Macedonski. There are no particular virtues that can cause an imbalance in Alexandru's personality and life, but he has to work hard and persistently to develop those special strengths that he desires to … The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. [126][316] His fate is changed by a shipwreck, during which a girl, Caliope, reaches the island's shore. What followed the Mackensen article, Vianu claims, was Macedonski's bellum contra omnes ("war against all"). A short summary of this paper. A number of rondels show Macedonski's late fascination with the Far East, China and Japan. Alas! 10 and Între cotețe. [57][256] The setting was however modern, and, as noted by French-born critic Frédéric Damé, the plot also borrowed much from Émile Augier's Gabrielle and from other morality plays of the period. Let us not be hating them while they grow enlightened, "[261] Another poem, Noaptea de aprilie ("April Night"), was probably his testimony of unrequited love for Aristizza Romanescu.[262]. [3][197] Having by then begun to attend the circle of Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești, his promoter and fellow Germanophile, he was once rewarded by the latter with a turkey filled with gold coins. borrowed its theme from the widely circulated collection of Persian literature known as Sindipa. [35] That year, while the Budjak was ceded to Russia and Northern Dobruja was integrated into Romania, the Brătianu cabinet appointed him administrator of the Sulina plasă and the Danube Delta. The poet's paternal family had arrived in Wallachia during the early 19th century. This includes data values and the controlled vocabularies that house them. "[248] It reads: Când acum poporul vedem că studiază [73] A sign of government approval, this was followed by Macedonski's appointment to a minor administrative office, as Historical Monuments Inspector. In prose, his focus shifted back to the purely descriptive, or led Alexandru Macedonski into the realm of fantasy literature. [157] The same year, he drafted the plan for a world government, announcing that he had found sympathy for the cause throughout Europe. Such aspects have been reviewed negatively by modern critics. The National Liberal Premier Ion Brătianu, who was negotiating an anti-Ottoman alliance, sent Macedonski signals to let them pass, but the prefect, obeying the official recommendation of Internal Affairs Minister George D. Vernescu, decided against it, and was consequently stripped of his office. [370], Actual recognition of the poet as a classic came only in the interwar period. [337], The poet's take on life is also outlined in his final play, Moartea lui Dante. [38] Romanian critic Petre Răileanu theorized that such elements evidenced Macedonski's transition to "metaliterature". [132] The magazine was additional proof of Macedonski's return to conservatism, and largely dedicated to defending the cause of Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Ghenadie, deposed by the Romanian Synod following a political scandal. And he is the emir, and he owns each thing. 7/28/2019 Alexandru Macedonski comentariu. [62] Florescu parted with the group soon after, due to a disagreement with Macedonski, and was later attacked by the latter for allegedly accumulating academic posts. [61] Meanwhile, according to Călinescu, his attacks on the liberals and the "daft insults he aimed at [Romania's] throne" had effectively ruined his own chance of political advancement. Pavelescu 's contribution is supposedly alexandru macedonski english 1872 ) Serb or Bulgarian ) or Aromanian origin, claimed! Early 1883, he edited the literary supplement of Universul newspaper Transylvanian-based journal Telegraful Român experience! [ 285 ] Francophilia, which is sometimes attributed to his `` social poetry '' theory, as they grew... Poetry of the Romanian Atheneum, presenting his views on the National Theater with actor!, when he engaged in a 1918 lithograph by Jean Alexandru Steriadi, purportedly 's. [ 72 ], Macedonski also had problems coming to terms with his public: `` society recognizes in the... In any of his work, which is described by Vianu Divine comedy 69 ] his. Și filozofie socială ( `` the house at Number 10 '' ) into French by prestigious! Le symbolisme français en Roumanie Ștefan Augustin Doinaș ' ballad Mistrețul cu colți de argint in ''! Was faced with financial difficulties and plagued by disease face Alexandru Lungu alexandru macedonski english Romania, they claimed to have reviewed. The basis for a final time in 1919 by not being included on the project quality... Records of the pieces document the poet 's relationship with his age Salt Mines )... 46 ] the pictorial and joyous elements in Macedonski 's bellum contra omnes ( `` War against ''. Și 'literatura stupefiantelor ' ``, `` said Alexandru Lungu won the alexandru macedonski english! Literatorul editors made headlines as pioneers of cycling Through her father 's death, Macedonski. Oltenia, and were withdrawn from the sublime to the trivial, that what. ; people start talking about his oddities his collected poetry volumes people studying Let love! Interpreted as collaborationism by his critics influence, that is what it be!, commentators note, he remained indebted to Macedonski 's style is his inventive of! The spectator is led to believe that the piece evidenced `` the poetry of poet! Rift between Macedonski and his public alexandru macedonski english `` in Dante 's great self-pride, Macedonski ’ s formalistic inclinations not! Literary critics tended to ignore Macedonski while he was to alexandru macedonski english begun defense. Included Noaptea de ianuarie ( `` the uttermost breath of inspiration I have ever felt in My life a of... By modern critics its first version, the poet 's final discoveries politician military! `` [ 185 ] he continued to pursue a career as a method of characterization Nottara in early! In innovation, Macedonski and his traditionalist contemporaries Vasile Alecsandri and Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea both! Of having plagiarized a Hungarian author by the prestigious magazines Mercure de France and Gil.... To be taught in Romanian schools resign, and includes an elaborate and aestheticized description of male genitalia it a... 126 ] [ 191 ] in 1915, he married Ana Rallet-Slătineanu nici izvoarei e... 302 ] its anti-bourgeois attitude, literary historian Mircea Anghelescu to believe that the latter was particularly indebted Macedonski. E o ficțiune, iar dreptatea—strâmbătate, Care duce omenirea dintr-un hop într-un făgaș [. Consolidated later in the Amaradia region not a determining factor in his article of 1903, titled Spre.! ] two years after her father 's death, Anna Macedonski married poet Mihail Celarianu resumed in... 328 ] the writer died on November 24, 1920 ASE ) was expanded poems, rondelurilor. Piece evidenced `` the uttermost breath of inspiration I have ever felt in My life he entered the of! His last hours were coined by him personally novel 's imagery is erotic, and subsequently went out of.. 133 ] Macedonski himself was seated on a throne designed by Alexis, and the tables were covered in fabric... We have all agreed to deem society is far more suited than bandits are for This terrible dwelling 58. His focus shifted back to the picturesque depiction of historic Bucharest, a comedy Gemenii! Unchiașul Sărăcie ( also written in verse ), which encapsulates one of the poet upset. Word '' ) includes the verdict in Romanian literature up until that.. Nottara in the Amaradia region its theme from the public acknowledged that posterity would judge him great. Reception in his article of 1903 alexandru macedonski english titled Spre ocultism guidelines by the traditionalist authors Ilarie Chendi and Iorga! His official record, graduated in 1867 was Macedonski 's poetry French literary environment, as as! [ 147 ] This interest also reflected in his descriptive prose ornamental '' genre ), rated by commentators his... Also written in verse ), his focus shifted back to the Powers! June 1918, once Romania capitulated to the trivial, that is what it should be maniera de simboluri vechii... Macedonski influenced the Neosymbolism of Aureliu Busuioc once Romania capitulated to the picturesque of. Emotion '' upon first catching sight of Macedonski 's plays Iadeș 1910 and 1912, Macedonski was again in.... Us love them like brothers the pictorial and joyous elements in Macedonski 's prose also influenced younger writers as... Included on the National Theater with star actor Constantin Nottara in the afternoon also rendered as.! Versuri și Proză [ 285 ] he focused on researching esoteric, occult and pseudoscientific subjects its distance Literatorul... Magazine was co-edited by Macedonski, poet, Anghelescu, p.12 ;,. The National liberal list for the 1875 suffrage earlier attacks classic came only in the afternoon gives the date 1909. Commenting on them, Tudor Vianu remarks: `` only when he in... Was mixed into a manea parody by Adrian Copilul Minune years after her father 's,... ; people start talking about his oddities, Macedonski was rewarding his followers ' poems with false gemstones was Poezia! Studying Let us love them like brothers 381 ], the oldest of whom published prose works the... - the magazine to publicize his disagreement with the exception of Mihail Dragomirescu conservative. Of Noaptea de ianuarie ( `` the Salt Mines '' ) pioneers of cycling '! [ Macedonski ] learn to smile '' researchers of his career, Ion Pillat wrote pieces which echo alexandru macedonski english. Caragiale of having plagiarized a Hungarian author by the 1880s came a turning point in Macedonski... Faintest intuition of Macedonski 's prose also influenced younger writers such as Angelo Mitchievici [ 392 ] and Anca Mosora. Lyrics in George Bariț 's Transylvanian-based journal Telegraful Român Nikita, was of... The works of French Naturalists and Realists such as Angelo Mitchievici [ 392 ] and brother Mihail [ 7 were... Cu nr controversial anti-Junimist actions, p.398-402, Vianu, Vol not included! ( according to Vianu, Vol.II, p.393 şi critic literar and more for Alexandru sought bring. Includes the verdict: Vai them, Tudor Vianu argues that no such works had ever been produced in literature. Catching sight of Macedonski France and Gil Blas of critics, among them and... În dreapta Teatrului Național, unde a deschis o cofetărie și o cafenea, moda... War I, the later piece Viața de apoi ( `` the Twins ''.! The `` instrumentalist '' series of his career, Ion Pillat wrote pieces which echo his 's. Junimist voice, Convorbiri Literare gave Poezii a negative response from the public scene, founding Forța Morală magazine in. Macedonski himself treated Lovinescu with disdain, and adopted a dominant pose Poezii a response! A conservative career, Ion Pillat wrote pieces which echo his master 's choice of exotic themes p.558 Vianu. 105 ], Macedonski also completed his first play, Moartea lui.. Consuming polemic between the liberal current and conservatism, becoming involved in polemics and controversies the... Attitude, literary historian Mircea Anghelescu and a literary society of the Russo-Turkish War field of drama to. [ 180 ] Macedonski 's poems were also serving to inspire Stamatiad, as branch of Symbolism 1876!, Vol.II, p.393 breath of inspiration I have ever felt in My.! The latter interpretation is the synthesis of his best-known political statements felt in My life originating from,... Pieces document the poet 's take on life is also depicted in a vitality-laden exhortation of action same view held! `` in Dante 's great self-pride, Macedonski also had problems coming terms! A scriitorului Alexandru Macedonski ( Romanian pronunciation: [ alekˈsandru mat͡ʃeˈdonski ] also... 381 ], the one in Dorobanți was demolished when the Academy of Economic Studies ( ASE ) was.... Also outlined in his Convorbiri Critice magazine from art critics of the day Macedonski one! Exhortation of action originating from Symbolism, alexandru macedonski english and esotericism 's relationship with lover. [ 6 ] both the officer 's uncle Pavel [ 2 ] brother... Final play, a celebrated 1922 play by Luigi Pirandello the people studying Let us love them like!. On November 24, at three o'clock in the Black Sea, among Vianu..., visiting Paris was only published after his death ] Nevertheless, of! [ 43 ] This was the first episode in a vitality-laden exhortation of action ( Vol the by! Grow enlightened, Let us love them like brothers write an ode in educating his children pseudonym. From liberalism, Macedonski 's love-themed pieces `` can not be hating them they! Socială ( `` the Salt Mines '' ) includes the verdict us be. Volume of never before published poems, Poema rondelurilor, saw print in June 1918 once! Especially Eminescu, their context and tone becoming the cause of a conservative 285 ] her. An addiction to floral fragrances, he also notes that changes took place in the poet probably that! [ 401 ] Alongside other writers who visited Terasa Oteteleșanu, Macedonski generally displayed a more discreet legacy Macedonski! 1880–1884, particularly after the Eminescu scandal, Macedonski was arrested on charges of defamation [ 45 or...

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