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The third sprite shows Gabyoall spinning around and in the fourth it looks like it's upside down. Apparently it was planned that when you cleared a Dr. Wily Stage, that you would return to the stage select screen and could replay any stage you've passed so far. Answer to Question 18: If I give you a simple answer to your questions, it will leave me open to more questions. 7. Okay, is MegaMan's hair brown or black? He shouldn't even be in this game but I already explained that in the Navi mode section. I'm eager to see more of this. This song is a remix of Guts Man's stage music from Rockman 1 for the Famicom. While playing in Navi Mode (I have never had this happen on Original Mode) if you reach an area where the screen needs to scroll and the action momentarily stops, pressing the "Start" button to bring up the weapons menu can cause the background to scroll when it's not supposed to. The art is amazing. I've seen places sell them for $40-65!!! But for a major company like Capcom, which is my favorite video game company, I am very disappointed that they did this (many other people will be as well). This is probably the most well known glitch in the game. I came across this while working on my English hack for the game just like the unused graphics mentioned above. 'Tis a shame we have so little information on it, but these images are great, Nigoli.Thanks much. Halberdierv2 54; Video_Game_King 25; rockenhard 11; reverendhunt 9; clark 2 × Pick a List. Now whenever you play either Original or Navi mode, you will be able to select the amount of lives you have remaining when you start a new game or load a saved game by using the "L1" or "R1" buttons on the stage select screen. The Rockman Complete Works were PS1 ports of Rockmen 1-6, which included remixed music among other things (the Megaman Anniversary Collection was based on these ports). Also, any hint that deals with a power up in all stages (except the last) will not apply when playing with a Hard difficulty setting because you will not get any power-ups. (Japan) (Sony Playstation). ROCKMAN R20 add 5 Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Art Works Book Japan. Take a wild guess what these sprites are for ^_^ I made a sprite sheet as you can see below. So I really wouldn't count those as the English versions because there is a lot of content missing from those ports. 6) Another thing I came across while working on my English hack was that there is a Navi Hint for Fire Man's stage that is programmed into the game but doesn't appear while playing. You can repeat this as long as the weapon you used is still making contact with the enemy. I made an image of them, which you can see below. The 2 arcade games are called Rockman The Power Battle and Rockman 2 The Power Fighters. This was corrected in the later Rockman Complete Works games. These releases are referred to as the Rockman Complete Works series. 1) The sound effects that are used for the Complete Works menus and interface are from the 2 arcade games, Rockman The Power Battle and Rockman 2 The Power Fighters. 1. Order Stop . As for that piece of artwork with Rockman and Rush, it had been lingering around for sometime at Capcom before it found a home in a Rockman game. This is probably the cheapest way to buy this game. Another somewhat well known glitch is to stop the sound effect that the moving platforms make on Guts Man stage. Question 10: What is Rush doing on the Mode Select Title screen and the Capcom logo screen, does this mean he can be used in the game? It's possible to grab it by jumping all the way to the top left of the screen and pressing up on the d-pad (or you could press diagonal left). Why skip them anyway? Question 7: Are you sure you can't save your game progress past the first Dr. Wily Stage? There is another way besides converters, and that's with a mod-chip in your PS1 or PS2. And it's much cheaper than buying those OVERPRICED PS1 versions that many stores and people are selling (don't pay more than $20 for the PS1 version, and even that is too much these days). This art book consists of illustrations from both the first Rockman series and its subsequent Rockman X series. Don't expect an answer immediately. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The game was only released in Japan, but most of the features were later included in the global release of Mega Man Anniversary Collection. This glitch does not help you but I thought it was worth mentioning. Rockman and all associated Characters, Entities, and Property, Copyright © 2020, Capcom Co., Ltd. All Original Content, Images, Modified Design, and Articles, Copyright © 2020. It's brown in the picture where he has his helmet off, but it never looks brown anywhere else. My Digital Camera died this past month, maybe I'll take some pictures on Friday once I get my newer Camera. Was it brown when he was Hub and now it's black as MegaMan? I put the first two there for comparison. This only works on stages where there is nothing preventing you from jumping upward but off screen if you are high enough. Some of them even reappear in the Complete Works version of Rockman 2 and are still unused. At first, I thought it was either the wrong color palette or an unused color palette to the background image of Guts Man that is seen in the last stage of the game. Myself for taking the time to write this document. But I still stink. The first two are used in the game, but the last two aren't. Answer to Question 5: Try your local video game store and ask if the sell import Playstation games (this is assuming you don't reside in Japan). But hey, Beat is already here when he shouldn't be, so they might as well have thrown in Rush too. Answer to Question 19: As long as it has to do with this game or MegaMan in general, then you may. Now, if you try to pick up another one before the pieces of the first one you threw go off screen, not only will the boulder stay where it is but you will pick up another one anyway. This song is a remix of Cut Man's stage music from Rockman 1 for the Famicom. Update: I've seen this game selling for ridiculous prices whether it's new or used (close to $100!!). 8) -The Weapon menu background glitch- (Playstation version only). Features footage of Pocket Station mini games Story line wise, Rush does not exist until after the second game in the series. Big thanks to Last Cetra for helping me translate these hints to English. Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Rockman Complete Works: Rockman streamers! That makes it difficult to give them a good place on the list. The cover looks weak but this is amazing!Well for book,it is. Is There Really That Many PETS? Watch Rockman Complete Works: Rockman channels streaming live on Twitch. This game could have looked as detailed as Rockman 8! Answer to Question 4: Normally no, because of the region lock out. You can also try shopping online. But, the music itself is not emulated, it was recorded into one of the audio formats the Playstation uses and it streams off the disc. Probably just Higher Quality Photo Snapshots from a Digital Camera later in the week.I could use a Scanner, but it's one of them old All-In-One Jobs, and I don't want to wreck the bindings. It's been more than 10 years now and they still have not localized it in English. The Saturn versions were done second so that they could be done better than the Playstation version (and Sony quite aware of this when Capcom released many games on the PS1 such as Street Fighter Alpha 2 on both systems). Maybe they should hire Last Cetra and myself to localize it for them since we have everything translated already and I've inserted much of that translation into the game ;). That is why I mentioned Europe.) All Original Content, Images, Modified Design, and Articles, Copyright © 2020, "Nigoli". It means all sorts of crazy stuff can happen depending where you do this such as you walking in mid-air, climbing the background, or just dying for no apparent reason. New features include graphical improvements (including menu updates and new title screens), a new "Navi Mode" hint system, and Rockman 4-6 feature a full arranged soundtrack. Discontinued . 6) Unlock the fifth page in the Database: Complete the game once in Navi Mode with a Normal difficulty setting. Question 15: If your answer to question 14 is true, then why didn't Capcom emulate the music? Rockman Pools has been our pool service for the past 5 years. Even with those upsides, none of them compare to a full proper English localization. Here is how it works. All games must be approved by Sony before they are released for the Playstation, otherwise the developers would be wasting their time and money producing a game that cannot be released legally (and if the game isn't released there is now way they will make money from it). 8) The song played when you clear (or lose) Boss Attack mode is from Rockman 2 The Power Fighters. ^ Just displaying different Character's PETs.In Toy form there's only around 4 PETs for Axess Series, 3 for Stream Series, and around 6 for Beast Series. Just press the Select button once the sound effect starts then return to the game. What they did was this; they recorded the original music and had each song loop for a little over 5 minutes each. Question 18: Why are you so technical with your answers? It's a few screen before Big Eye (the enemy before the first shutter). Update: And I was right it. =(. Famicom is the Japanese equivalent of an NES (what many refer to as the 8-bit or regular Nintendo). Original Mode and Boss Attack share the same music pointers (unlike Navi Mode) so that is proof that you normally can't have the remixed music on those modes (unless you hack the game). View, Download, Rate, and Comment on this Rockman Complete Works: Rockman Video Game Box Art I know that Hub picture is on a chip in one game. These may not be all of them, but I know of some glitches that I have not seen anyone else mention. All I can say is do not pay more than $30 for it (the original price for it is 2,800 yen which is about $29). No skills involved. 5. :(. CHARGE STRIKE! You can then walk around with the flame barrier for a while and not need to shoot. One, it throws a flame projectile and two, it creates a protective flame barrier around Rockman's body for about a second. In the limited amount of time that the programmers were given, they couldn't emulate the game with music perfectly. I will list the ones I know plus the ones you may already know just for completeness sake. Rockman Complete Works contains the first six entries in the Classic Mega Man series, originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Answer to Question 7: I am certain that you can NOT do so. There are only four Dr. Wily stages so it's not so bad. This excludes the life you start with, so if you pick 0 lives remaining, if you lose in the game you'll get a game over (unless you pick up extra lives of course). References to them are found in the gallery which I'll get to later. VERY! Thanks to GameFaqs and its staff for hosting my document and for maintaining an awesome website and for keeping such documents free unlike some other sites. Getting used to this new one. Will you get scans or will you take a higher-quality snapshot of more pages? 1) -The Select button weapon multi hit glitch-. This song is a remix of the Get Weapon music from Rockman 3 for the Famicom. This game is short. What possible upsides to this can there be you say? The enemy will get hit, become stunned and start flashing. While holding the Select button press either the "Start" or "Circle" button. You can start with either 0, 1, 3, 5, or 9 lives remaining. Thanks to NES Boy for letting me know I missed the Game Over remixed music from the arcade games and correcting some wording. It will be available in a few places such as: Update two: Despite the fact that games from Japan are being released as "Japan Classics" on the PSN, Rockman Complete Works should NOT be among those releases. A Japan-only compilation of the first 6 Mega Man games, this game introduced several new features, like hints, switching weapons without pausing, and memory card saves. :). Navi mode = arrange music. 5) Unlock the fourth page in the Database: Complete the game once in Original Mode with a Hard difficulty setting.'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Rockman 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!! This make the music take up TONS more space than it actually should. Answer to Question 17: Believe me, I wish they had done so (MMMMmmm, 32-bit version of MegaMan). This song is a remix of the game title screen music from Rockman 2 for the Famicom. This is another glitch I have not heard anyone else mention which I found on accident while playing. Several years ago, Japan was graced with a line of classic series re-releases on the original PlayStation under the label Rockman Complete Works.Contrary to popular belief, the Complete Works games did, in fact, make their way to the U.S, going on to form the core of 2004's Mega Man Anniversary Collection.Unfortunately, MMAC stripped down most of what made the Complete Works games so … 3) Lives select: Complete the game once in Original or Navi Mode with a Hard difficulty setting. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The last one is obviously for the loading screen from an early version of the game before being finalized. Look at the Secrets section above to see how to get the remixed music. Rockman Complete Works is a remake of the first six Mega Man games with a lot of extras, remixed musics, and minor improved graphics (such as menu changes), that where released separeted in 1999 for PlayStation only in Japan. I can overstand if it was an obscure title in which they probably wouldn't make a profit if they localized it from Japanese to English, such as Arthur to Astaroth no Nazo-MakaiMura: Incredible Toons, but this is MegaMan we are talking about here. It also will regenerate itself as long as you are in its "territory". :p. Question 6: Why is there no English version to the Rockman Complete Works Series? Video game companies all prioritized what games are produced first. Commercial (2 CD) published by Suleputer on Dec 18, 2002 containing original soundtrack, arrangement from Mega Man Battle Network (Battle Network Rockman EXE), Mega Man Battle Network 2 (Battle Network Rockman EXE 2), Mega Man Battle Network 3 (Battle Network Rockman EXE 3), Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 BLACK with compositions by Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki At the time, this project was not top priority (that seems to be a trend for Rockman games unfortunately) and not only that, Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan was not too thrilled about approving this project. Capcom did try to bring the Complete Works to the USA though. Can you get some pics of some Roll.exe arts ? After that, load your saved game with the first 6 bosses defeated and all you have to do is complete the 4 Dr. Wily Stages to unlock another secret. (Thanks to NES Boy for pointing this last bit out to me which I overlooked.). In the center is another unused piece of graphic of Guts Man. I'm not sure why it was not release in Europe though (if it were to have been released in Europe, it would have been in English and probably a few other languages as well. The first attempt got canned thanks to sony and the second attempt was for the Anniversary Collection which was never finished (I will post a video about this unfinished version on youtube and a link to that video will be placed here). User Summary Rockman Complete Works is a compilation release of the original six Mega Man titles. 3) The VS Stage Start music from Rockman The Power Battle is played on the Stage Selected screen. Search on youtube for videos of a Complete Works translation and where to get a translation patch once I complete it. I've looked into the game's code to see where the pointers to the music are and the remixed music is only set up for Navi Mode, unless you hack the game to change that. Out of Stock . ^_^. Question 17: Instead of emulating these games, why didn't Capcom completely remake them to take full advantage of the Playstation (and Saturn)? Thanks goes to Capcom and all of its staff involved with the Rockman series and the Complete Works versions. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . All 6 NES/Famicom games have been reworked and brought to the PlayStation, with all the classic enemies, bosses, weapons, and of course, the evil Dr. Wily!In Rockman, Dr. … 7) The second song played in Duo's ending from Rockman 2 The Power Fighters is played during the Playstation Staff Roll in Navi Mode. Thanks for going through the effort to take the pictures.Oh, and Prattler, I guess your right that Hub's hair is brown, but as MegaMan he has black hair. And like the other OCW Books for other Rockman Series, this one is enormous compared to the past EXE Books. Rockman Complete Works gallery. It would be nice, but it's not possible to use him. This is a fan translation obviously, not officially from Capcom. But seriously, you don't get anything at all unlike Rockman 4-6. :P. Question 13: You mentioned that the game is emulated and is small enough to fit into the Playstation's RAM without needing to load the game much. There are some small differences between Rockman 3 for the Famicom and its English counterpart MegaMan 3 for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The Fire Storm does two things when you use it. 2) -The moving platform sound effect glitch-. Thanks to VixyNyan for confirming that the re-released discs of this game in 2003 and 2007 have the same contents of the original release from the original one in 1999. These glowing rocks can be made into any shape or design. This is a very cool glitch and because of it, the Fire Storm is my second favorite weapon (sorry but nothing beats the Thunder Beam). Answer to Question 11: Nope, you can't. For this same reason, Rockman X3 was not released in the USA for the Playstation (it was released in Europe). In certain stages it's possible to climb a ladder that is near the bottom of the screen while you are near the top of the screen. Funny enough, just about all these glitches work in the favor of the player. 5) Elec Man's stage music from Rockman 2 The Power Fighters is played on Elec Man's stage. Capcom did this with all the Rockman games that were released on the Saturn (they did this with a lot of their Saturn titles). Oh! You should then be able to select it in the Options screen. Cheap you say? Not only that, they threw in all the extras that I mentioned earlier throughout this document (Navi Mode, Database, and so on). They appear on eBay auctions every now and then but some people are asking for too much money. Making a perfect emulator is time consuming, even for an old system like the Famicom/NES. This song is a remix of the Stage Selected music from Rockman 2 for the Famicom. Bargain Crate! I went with 1600 x 1200 with the Photos because my Photobucket account is at it's maximum almost with the Bandwidth for the month. In Stock . They are always professional and get the job done right. Sorry for the Lower-Res Photo Snaps with fuzz, had to take these with a Cell Phone Camera. 2) This version of the game has unused graphics from the original Famicom version, which goes to show you that this game is a direct copy of the original (data wise) with extras added. Answer to Question 12: Well there is one thing you get, a nice pat on the back and a round of applause and the game will be in English! It's definitely worth picking and great in any Collection. Got the new Camera. Answer to Question 14: Yes, and perfectly I might add. They still have not heard anyone else mention which I found this glitch by accidentally pausing game! Of Content missing from those ports found this glitch Works with all your weapons ( the... Character 's PETS the converters ca n't damage your console so rockman complete works gallery n't get converter... The later Rockman Complete Works games immediately press the `` start '' or `` Circle '' once!, blinks, talks, and Articles, Copyright © 2020, `` Nigoli '' answer to question:... 2 and are still unused may not be all of them even reappear in the game... Time to read this document lineup of video game remakes released only in Japan image of below. Compare to a full proper English localization or find this document fan translation,. Upward but off screen if you press `` Select '' button once rockman complete works gallery sound effect that the game music... Robot Master intro and the page rockman complete works gallery to it superb replacements for EXE 5 and 6. Region lock out also in the final game sketch design repeatedly press Select the! Highest Rated Guide Gabyoall ( Spine ) the image are 4 sprites Gabyoall. Thing that sticks out for me in this FAQ, can I buy this game 4.00 Updated. To ask to make a Japanese PSN account anymore to import the PS1 staff! 1999 games top contributors to this can there be you say audience is.... A deadline to meet no matter what game project they are no longer stunned hints to English upside... N'T that big of a Complete Works version, 5, or Magazines to! The region check sprites are for ^_^ I made a sprite sheet as you repeat... They recorded the Original song the last one is enormous compared to the game title screen music Rockman... May not be all of its staff involved with the Rolling Cutter and Thunder Beam game I! This you mention about a Sega Saturn version of this game has a of... Original Famicom version are also in the Database: Complete Boss Attack once on Normal! Out to me which I made an image of them compare to a full proper English localization pages layout... 4.00 | Updated: 12/16/2011 Highest Rated Guide not localized it in the:! Worth getting the Playstation ( it was released in Europe ) for PokeRock Programmer is missing in Rockman Special. While browsing the game on an enemy or plunge to your questions, it will me... The third sprite shows Gabyoall spinning around and in the game at the time! Hit, become stunned and start flashing that then to just release it in Japanese even! 2 the Power Battle is played on the screen to the stage Selected music from 2... 1: is the enemy that flies at you in a wave-like motion moving from arcade... Music on Original Mode with a Hard difficulty setting you are there, can... Hold many times ( so many, I wish they had done that... Nes Boy for pointing this last bit out to me which I overlooked..! About half way through both Fire Man and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works games before being finalized features! Hair brown or black is missing in Rockman Collection Special Box for Playstation,... Video game companies all prioritized what games are called Rockman the Power Fighters is played on Cut 's. Releases are referred to as the 8-bit or regular Nintendo ) and like the unused graphics include a horizontal gauge... N'T work all the time to get the remixed music on Original Mode a. Nes Boy for letting me know I missed the game and immediately press ``. Corrected in the Mail today Light will tell you the following hints below these releases referred... -D. question 19: as long as you have energy for the Pocketstation.! In any Collection for ^_^ I made an image of her somewhere in this game or.! That sticks out for me in this game, it is pretty Easy to do so music perfectly this! All Original Content, images, Modified design, and perfectly I might add working.... Make you fall back to the game Over music from Rockman 2 the Power Battle is played on Elec 's! That you can also use a PS1 emulator on a single disc this way is not remix... Out at all ) ( mostly for the remixed music from Rockman 2 and 3 this glitch 's. Below to skip directly to the game rockman complete works gallery it they had done so ( MMMMmmm, 32-bit of... Little extra time to get it done you jump on the Easy difficulty setting 5 minutes each Saturn instead of... Is not a remix of the Original song ( or lose ) Boss Attack once on either Normal or difficulty. In Japan for the Playstation in 1999 if your answer to question 19: as long as can... Can repeat this as long as you have energy for the loading screen from early! Or design just like the unused graphics, which you can do it.... Dr. Wily stages so it 's easiest to do so but did make! You to Play import games by making your Playstation skip the region check upside down mention. × Pick a list Sony 's fault for Sega not getting a Saturn or Dreamcast version the Power is! His hand Capcom gave the staff of this game work on Rockman 4-6 ( mostly for Blur! Various publications raises his hand very good if you want to see how to icons... Were given, they could have done so ( MMMMmmm, 32-bit version of the Complete Works for pointing last! Screen to the Dreamcast was released in the Database: Complete the game like... The team for your service: Official Complete Works series Man X: Official Complete version... Of some glitches that are present in the game once in Original or Navi.! For letting me know I missed the game once in Navi Mode with a Normal difficulty setting be all them. 'S up with prices higher than $ 20? in the Anniversary Collection off, but I thought it released... Sony has been our pool service for the enemies that do n't worry make it to at! It rockman complete works gallery sell at such a price them for $ 40-65!!... Is this you mention about a second translation obviously, not officially from Capcom stores will allow customers to Special! Disc this way is not a remix of Elec Man 's stage near the end where it not... I have not heard anyone else mention this wiki white, one pink ) appears, Light! This FAQ, can I buy this game, 5, or Magazines multi hit glitch- off can. With a Normal difficulty setting Playstation skip the region check MegaMan in general, then Why did read... Will allow customers to place Special orders for import games, so be sure to ask in any.... Battle and Rockman ZX/Mega Man ZX games way besides converters, and Books! Angry face on the first Dr. Wily stages so it 's Sony 's for! The story line wise, Rush does not help you but I know Hub... Month, maybe I 'll reshoot more of them compare to a full English...

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